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Two bugle-calls


Source: The archives of Marek Banaszczyk

The composer of the Świdnica's current bugle-call – Marek Banszczyk.

Today we do not know the sound of the melodies of municipal bugle-calls or the melodies played in case of danger by the bugler – guard from the Town Hall Tower.

In the latest history Świdnica managed to preserve two bugle-calls which however never resounded from the Town Hall Tower.

One of the first bugle-calls came into existence in 1960 and was composed by Bolesław Janczarski, musician and teacher in the 3rd Pedagogical Secondary School and National Music School. The competition for Świdnica's bugle-call was offered by the town's authorities and it was the composition of Bolesław Janczarski that won. Unfortunately, officially it was played only three times – during competition's presentation, on the occasion of the unveiling of monument of the 1000th anniversary of Poland (1966) and during Świdnica's Days (1972). But for the family of Bolesław Janczarski, who managed to preserve the notation of this bugle-call, nobody would probably remember the sound of the bugle-call's melody.

Forty years later the town's authorities came back to the bugle-call issue. In 2000 a competition for Świdnica's bugle-call was offered again and once again it was won by the musician and composer from Świdnica – Marek Banaszczyk. A resolution to establish a bugle-call was adopted on the 29th June 2000. New bugle-call is a composition for trumpet and lasts 20 seconds. The Świdnica's bugle-call can be heard four times a day – 10 a.m., 12 a.m., 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. Nevertheless, the bugler is no longer performing his function and the composition is reproduced from loudspeakers placed on the roof of Mid-Market block.

Source: Violetta Mazurek „Świdnicki hejnał odnaleziony”, „Wiadomości Świdnickie” no. 4/1994, Andrzej Dobkiewicz – information from private archives.

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