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A Tent at the Construction Site


Source: A. Dobkiewicz

Under such a tent, having the heating turned off, the staff of „Budobratex” performed reinforcements of walls of entrance building in December 2010.

When in December 2010 heavy winter attacked the concrete, steel fixing works were carried out in the entrance building to the Town Hall. - We were slightly deceiving the nature – recalls René Maczura, building site manager. - Negative temperatures did not allow for using a normal concrete mixture. The one we used had lower water content and supplements which accelerated the bonding in low temperatures. However, as usual it is „tit for tat”. Such a concrete mix was thicker as a result of which it made it difficult to be spread properly especially where thick reinforcement mesh was placed. In half of December the winter was specifically heavy and the temperature reached -20 Celsius degrees at night. Hard frosts made it impossible to concrete so that is why steel fixing works were carried out all the time, both in the tower's shaft and walls of cellars of the entrance building. How is it possible to bond reinforcements when the temperature is far below zero? The staff of „Budobratex” found the solution. They just covered the entire pit holding walls of cellars of the entrance building wih a huge tarpaulin . - Then we connected the light, managed to arrange the air blower and it was great – that is how René Maczura, building site manager, commented on this untypical innovation.

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